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Tag: The Relocated Tourist blog

The Osborne Lights Coming Soon!!

Nothing is more prettier, nor spectacular, than the Osborne Christmas lights that are put up for the Christmas season at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I love the Castle, and all the […]

The Publix Chicken Meal Deal

If you have stayed off Disney Property or driven around the area near WDW, I am sure you have heard of the grocery store “Publix.”  You can’t throw a rock […]

My Side of Town

I had a request to write up a blog post about my area of town, so here is a peak into my life on this end of Orlando. Enjoy! My […]

My Visit to the Land of Cheese

So this was my second trip back to Wisconsin since I moved to Florida.  I’m not going to lie to you all, I had VERY high expectations. Like all of […]