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Tag: Travel Agents for Disney Magic

The Host with the Most

I have FINALLY gotten my butt in gear, and booking has begun!  So many of you have offered your home, and I cannot WAIT to see you, tour with you, […]

Planning Georgia

So before the Sale happened and my February disappeared into thin air, I had a schedule.  One thing they will suggest to a blogger, is to have a set amount […]

Where I Am At

You have this genius, perfect idea in your head of how things are going to go and all the energy you are going to have with it.  I mean, why […]

Mid-Life Crisis or Mid-Life Celebration?

“Something has changed within me…something is not the same. I’m through with playing by the rules in someone else’s game.” ~Wicked Broadway Show As many of you know, life gives […]

100 Days Today!!!

I have exactly 100 days today to get everything done before I hit the road…..eeesh.  I feel like I am doing everything I can, every day I can, and still […]

Car Camping….is it for Me?

As big a dreamer as I am, I am also pretty grounded to the Earth. I realize the cost of hoteling it night after night would wreak havoc on my […]